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Aleksandra Pszczoła
Aleksandra Pszczoła

Berlin, here we come!

From its nascent days our company is open to international clients – and throughout our couple years of astounding growth, we worked with clients from France, USA, Hong Kong… you name it. However, we are at a junction where another location is key for our further development. Last year we came into a comfortable conclusion, that the next step in Bee Talents story will be expansion abroad. Insofar as the plans are in their early infancy as of writing this post, we feel confident enough to give you a sneak peek into what we hope the future will bring. More precisely – a new office in Berlin, which is one of the most important startup hubs in Europe.

Theoretically, a lot of our work is independent of geography. Our crew runs recruitment projects regardless of the client and his targets location. We have also fared fantastically well without any active outreach for leads! We have usually had more recommendations than our recruiters could handle. Our workshops and trainings have also proved very successful on the Polish market. However, to facilitate further growth of our company, we need to be prepared to expand and tackle next level challenges.

There are several reasons why Berlin will most probably be our next hub. Some of them are more business-oriented, and some of them are a result of our fascination with this lively city. As a company that holds its values very dear and serious, we wanted the city we will move into being an example of the open, spirited business culture we are trying to create in Poznań as well. But let’s get to the specific reasons!

10 reasons why we are heading for Berlin!

  1. Berlin is a truly international city. With our future expansion, we knew we are going to need broad access to a large market, and Berlin is almost unrivaled in this respect. It is a city that leads. The German capital ranks very high on dozens of rankings, whether they measure dynamism of the city, its startup prowess(our natural habitat) or even the “foodie culture”.
  2. Business speaks English here, which is our bread and butter. However… Bei Bedarf können wir auch mit dem Kunden auf Deutsch sprechen (Schreib an Adriana!)
  3. It is under 3 hours away from our HQ. Ever since Poland has joined the EU, our highway system has grown by leaps and bounds. From a laggard on the continent, now Poland is laced with high speed (new!) autobahns. They easily rival those of our western neighbor. This is why a relaxed driver will be able to shuttle between our locations in under three hours. All driving on the best roads Europe has to offer!
  4. Berlin is a city to live in – and we want our crew to have the best quality of living they can get! It is a city filled with both architectural pearls (give me more of that raw brutalism and post-socialist make-overs)! Its sprawling parks and mouth-watering length of bike lanes are what we love in any city.
  5. There are dozens of great events here that we have already participated in and had a blast. Terrific initiatives like HR Tech Berlin or Polish Tech Nights give us hope that we can learn a lot in here and that we can contribute to a very vivacious scene with our expertise.
  6. We have had great learning experiences here – Maciek and Kasia were enrolled in a terrific mentorship program called JOLT by wattx. Its spiritual descendant is by the same wonderful Karo Hajduk, which we recommend to everyone!
  7. We have great friends in Berlin, as well as people who have positively inspired our journey with their competence, (sometimes radical!) candor and care. We want to meet more such individuals and Berlin seems to be sprawling with talent! Among others, we had the tremendous pleasure to work with or learn from people like Linda Jonas, Julia Derndinger or Anna Ott.
  8. We love sharing our knowledge all around – and we have repeatedly done so on premier events and conferences in Poland and abroad. Some examples of events we spoke at are: Unleash Las Vegas, Recruitment Agency Expo in Birmingham and even the upcoming Sourcecon in Amsterdam. Berlin has a huge scene of meetups and conferences where we can showcase our innovations.
  9. Amazing co-working spaces! At the start of our Berlin investment, we are not shying away from setups like using a cowork. Examples galore, like Betahaus or Thunderbolt Collective. They are a great solution for companies which are still to settle on perfect manpower necessary in another location, or for those whose workforce may fluctuate periodically.
  10. Rudimentary (and wait until we unleash our Recruiters!) LinkedIn searches bring up thousands of IT recruiters in Berlin. Due to the size of local IT and startup markets, many more will be needed and hundreds will have to up their game, opening space for our expertise to spread!


To sum up, Bee Talents is coming to the verge – and expansion is in our cards. We want to be where the action is, and where we can test our mettle against the best. This is why continental Europe’s capital of startups is the place to be! The year 2019 is going to be a launching pad for our plans to materialize with a boom in 2020. So hopefully next year you will hear from us from an office overlooking Kreuzberg!

PS. What other cities you think share most of the advantages that Berlin has?

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