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Aleksandra Pszczoła
Aleksandra Pszczoła

2018 in the rearview mirror, new road ahead

With 2018 in the rear-view mirror, 2019 is upon us. Great promise, expectations and surprises await, and we are more than ready to embrace all of it. After all, best things in life come around unexpected.

As I always try to keep my gaze up and look forward, summaries are difficult to me. It is exceedingly hard to single out the most important events of the past year, and almost impossible to thank every single person that deserves it. However, together with Maciej, we compiled some data and figures, which reflect the most vital junctures from BeeTalent’s 2018.

Disclaimer #1: often I will be using niche vocabulary, so if you cannot grasp something – let me know below in the comments, I will try to clear things up.

Disclaimer #2: loss, defeat are not alien to us. Last year was not a stream of unceasing victories. Nonetheless, this summary is a realistic outlook of the Hive as of today.


  • BT was founded 3 years and 8 months ago. For 1,5 years now we act as a limited partnership company. In April 2018, Maciej Mazurek officially became a co-owner and also stayed in his role as Managing Partner, constantly making up for my deficiencies.
  • In 2018 alone, our recruitment team has grown more than in the entire 2015-2017 period. It was a huge challenge for our management and processes. We were learning on the fly how to onboard new staff, divide and manage projects. We enter 2019 with 23-strong crew, and new recruitment is just around the corner.
  • Our recruiters have spent more than 3000 hours on recruiting calls, and we boosted our response rate to 60%!
  • HR Consulting, that is HR solutions support, is one of our core services from the very start and kept growing fast. All in all, in 2018 we helped 20 Clients with 869 consultancy hours, assisting their efforts to improve HR processes.
  • In the coming months, we plan to expand this service, and in the same period diversify sources of revenue.
  • Thanks to Rocket Hive – workshops for IT recruiters – we trained 159 specialists. We aim to spread the best sourcing and candidate experience practices in Polish IT recruiting market. New workshop dates will come out soon!


  • 90% of our clients find us through recommendations. Here, we would all love to thank everybody who helped spread the word about BeeTalents – you are the real MVP! 🙂
  • In the meantime, our sales team grew, so that we can place a foothold in markets, where our brand is not yet known
  • We are gradually going through Data Driven transformation, and we refocus our processes to collect data. Thanks to this approach we now measure and analyze basic indicators, like response rate and average project duration. We also find insights into which elements of recruiting can be eliminated to speed up its process, and we advise our Clients in decisions like where to establish a new branches, and how higher salary brackets may affect candidate pipeline.
  • We were asked by many, why we have decided to hire a Finance Manager for a company just over a dozen strong. Half a year later we know that it was a terrific investment. We are calculating profitability of our projects, time spent on a client, and our hourly workload of every one of us. Uncounted financial and administrative processes were improved as well.
  • The OKR goal setting method has proven itself in our organization, and we are better at it every quarter. Our objectives are ambitious, KR’s are measurable, and that allows progress to be measured every in weekly intervals.


  • We switched to tools, that allow us to measure more and measure better. This year we implemented Lever (ATS), which also influenced how orderly our processes are. Additionally, every single recruiter at BeeTalents is now using advanced LinkedIn Professional Recruiter account – which in 2017 would be nothing more than a pipe dream.
  • Office Vibe was also implemented, which gives us instant feel of our office morale, and intervene if necessary.


  • Because our recruitment team structure has evolved (we split it into three smaller teams) we started the Bee Talents Leader Academy program.
  • To reach even higher quality of our services, we are now carrying out a complete Quality Assurance process, and weekly IT tech training for recruiters.
  • We cut the number of meetings and optimized internal processes, which resulted in 25% more time spent on Client work for the recruiting teams.
  • We started some auxiliary processes aiming at improving the quality of our work, and increasing Client trust and satisfaction. Because of this, we correct failures faster, and we design processes that eliminate some mistakes from the get go.


I still find it hard to believe, but we increased revenue by 100% compared to 2017. Yay!


We built a new webpage in-house and started a BeeReader blog – which will take off running in 2019!

What awaits us in 2019?

  • Growth, growth, growth – staying in place is going backwards 🙂
  • Continuous process improvements, reaching new efficiency levels and making our brand and business model truly global
  • More data and more numbers – especially in sales and marketing, and growth of those departments under Business Development umbrella
  • Establishing presence in Berlin, with a crowning achievement of opening a Berlin branch in one of the coworking spaces. If you want to talk to us about this plan – direct message me! We are very much open to your insights into such move.
  • As is tradition since 2015, we plan to double our revenue, maintaining at least current margins

That is about it. I hope that this data will be a useful benchmark. If our newly implemented processes or any of the above has stoked your interest, I am always happy to discuss details. Good luck in 2019!

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