Startup Olé - new tech in Golden City
Aleksandra Pszczoła

Startup Olé – new tech in Golden City

The city of Salamanca is hands-down my discovery of the year. Known as the Golden City thanks to its sandstone city centre, it brought me both aesthetics and a fully-fledged startup conference.

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Dawid Bartkowiak

Real talk about Public Speaking

We are all afraid of speaking up in front of a crowd – the crowds seem hostile, judgemental, and we fear humiliation. Is it something that can be conquered?

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129 PLN NET | 24.04.2019 | Bee Talents

18:00 - 20:00

Workshops will be held in Polish 🇵🇱

✓  How to precisely set goals
✓  How to use SMART model while setting goals with other techniques
✓  How to evaluate setting goals and their realization
✓  How to avoid mistakes while working with SMART