Bitspiration and personal brand in IT – my two cents

Bitspiration and personal brand - my two cents
Kasia Michalak
Kasia Michalak
You know this feeling? You’re awaiting a great conference, where you’re supposed to listen to interesting and practical speeches and do some networking. The big day comes and… just after the first few speeches you have an impression that the speakers didn’t put much effort into preparation.

They’re reading from slides and speaking so fast and silent that you can barely hear them. And when it comes to networking during breaks, people rather prefer to network with their laptops and phones.
I think most of us have been there 😉

Bitspiration is nothing like that – happening in Kraków, this IT and startup community event was interesting for me from the very beginning.

Personal brand really matters

At first, I was invited by Maciek Stęga to show up as a speaker along with Maja Gojtowska and Maciek Pawłowski to a debate on the topic: “Personal branding and Employer Branding in IT – what actions we should take to build a strong brand?”. This is extremely vivid among companies around the world because the awareness of the importance of personal and employer brand is rising and people are really interested in how to manage it well.

Expect the unexpected

The morning of the event, I’m enjoying a delicious breakfast, when suddenly my phone rings:

– “Kasia” said Asia Dominik, the organizer.  “One of the speakers can’t make it to 10:30 speech – can you go and talk about something?”
– “Hmmm” I thought in my head “Talk about something. In front of at least 50 people who came here to listen to the most practical pieces of advice.” I took a big breath and answered: “I think I can help”.

And here I am, on the stage, talking about how to scale your company in 5 steps with diversity and values.

Your Culture is Brand - 5 Steps how to scale your company with diversity and values
Your Culture is Brand – 5 Steps how to scale your company with diversity and values

Fortunately, I had this presentation already prepared for another conference earlier this year. You can only imagine, though, what a challenge it was to keep up to all those speakers and standards while trying to do the best ad-hoc presentation in my life. Apparently, it was worth it. As I finished up, many people came up and told me “We have the same approach” or “We have the same values – candidate experience is important.” For me, it’s especially positive. Having been working in IT Recruitment market and startup environment from 2014 I’m so happy to see that everyone is becoming more and more aware of how significant are aspects like values. The “why” of your company, feedback, 1on1 sessions and the understanding that perfect candidates don’t exist (nor do perfect companies 😉 )

I had exactly the same feeling during our debate when people were actively taking part and asking questions. If you’ve ever attended one, you probably know that sometimes it’s really hard to engage the audience. I must say that Maciek Stęga did it very well. After the debate, we even stayed a little longer as some people had even more questions – that was really amazing!

Bitspiration? Yes, please!

What are my two cents then? It’s definitely worth attending Bitspiration not only because of the topics but above all because of people who’re open-minded, aware and want to change things for better. Just look at the messages they wrote to me on LinkedIn:

Bitspiration | LinkedIn message“Thanks for connecting. Your presentation “5 steps how to scale your company” was awesome! I made some notes and I think that that you shared important and useful knowledge in a simple way. It was a really valuable time.”


Bitspiration | LinkedIn message

“Hey Kasia,
I attended your presentation on Friday at Bitspiration. Knew you earlier from LinkedIn. I must admit that you did very well with your presentation in the morning during which you replaced another speaker. You gave us a lot of positive energy and inspiration, so keep on working like that!”


Thanks Asia Dominik for organizing such an interesting event that gathers such an incredible community!

Bitspiration team

Kasia Michalak

Kasia Michalak

Kasia Michalak

Kasia Michalak

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