How to talk to candidates
Dawid Bartkowiak

[#1] How to talk to Candidates

True enthusiasts love to share. And passionate recruiters we have in bunches. This brought us to the idea of creating a new space, where we could enjoy sharing stories and expertise with you! A podcast! The first episode is at the bottom of this article.

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Berlin, here we come | Bee Talents
Aleksandra Pszczoła

Berlin, here we come!

From its nascent days our company is open to international clients – and throughout our couple years of astounding growth, we worked with clients from France, USA, Hong Kong… you name it. However, we are at a junction where another location is key for our further development.

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Can old dogs teach us new tricks? | Bee Talents
Kasia Michalak

Can old dogs teach us new tricks? Reading a 25-yr sales book

Do you know this feeling, when you have a friend who will just get a GoT or sports reference? You know you can simply use the pool of shared knowledge to convey hard ideas. That is how common culture smooths edges in communication. It is an expansion of common vocabulary. Theories from books and advice from authors we share become important helpers in understanding some problems we face.

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Post maternity leave survival guide | Bee Talents
Karolina Sokołowska

Post maternity leave survival guide

All around Social Media – no matter if it is a mom support group on Facebook, or high brow LinkedIn post, many women (including those employed in HR) seek out advice how to come back to work post pregnancy and maternity leave. Because yes, your life changes whether you want it or not. I am here to be with you and tell you, you can do it.

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