Hiring in Poland | Hung Lee Guide
Bartek Musioł

How to hire in… Poland?!

Hiring principles can differ significantly between each country. What works for you at the French market, may not while recruiting in Berlin. But today, we’re talking about Poland.

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Bias in Hiring
Karolina Mingielewicz

The 8 biases in hiring you need to watch out for

Human beings are incredibly complex. Processes that govern our brains are still largely a mystery. However, one thing is sure – do not trust your brain. Decisions we make as recruiters are subject to biases – and those can lead to unfair or simply bad hiring decisions.

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agencja rekrutacyjna it
Kasia Michalak

Working with a recruitment agency – all sides considered

No company can grow without new hires, and recruitment agencies promise to make this process pain-free. In most cases – they truly do! However, in order to be upfront with our potential clients, we would love to show you all the benefits, drawbacks, and question marks one should take into account before signing on the line which is dotted.

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5 metrics to measure as a Recruiter in 2019 | Bee Talents
Maciej Mazurek

5 metrics you must measure as a Recruiter in 2019

Yesterday my colleague said that It’s good to measure things. I don’t agree. Maybe a few years ago it was nice to collect data. Now it is a necessity. LinkedIn in their report about Global Recruitment Trends for 2019 claims that “Data is winning over Talent Professionals”. And with this, I agree.

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Tech Recruiter - areas you may develop to change your seniority level
Karolina Sokołowska

Tech Recruiter – areas you may develop to change your seniority level

You probably, at least once, asked yourself the question “What areas should I develop if I want increase my seniority level?”. Or maybe during recruitment process you asked yourself what kind and level of skills you are looking for in your candidate. I find those kinds of situations rather difficult if your company doesn’t have or follow the career paths.

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