Whatever you do, do it with passion – onboarding process at Bee Talents

Onboarding at Bee Talents
Ania Wróblewska
Ania Wróblewska
Two years ago Maciek and Zuza conducted for my previous company a special workshop and I remember that I was fascinated by their passion and innovative attitude to HR. I have never thought that I will work at Bee Talents.

Stressful first day? Not in Bee Talents!

Before I came to my first day I had got a full package of information on my mail. It helped me to keep calm. The welcoming message contains the very relevant phrase “We will do our best to make the first weeks fruitful for you”. Despite this phrase, I found there the schedule for my first day (including pizza time with the whole team 😉 ). I breathed a sigh of relief, not because I like pizza, but because I knew what should I expect. People are always afraid of unknown, but Bee Talents don’t let you be in an unknown position. During your onboarding you always have every piece of information you need and that’s the point!

Job Shadowing – the best way to step up your onboarding

Before I joined Bee Talents I have never heard of job shadowing. Only shadows I knew were related to the movie with Johnny Depp- The Dark Shadows 😉 Anyway, job shadowing is a process of sharing a work day. New Bee follows more experienced Bee and getting to know daily duties. This kind of job sharing gives a full range of activities that you can learn. I had been participating in job interviews, learning where and how to find candidates, writing the best job advertising and taking part in business meetings with clients. It makes that at the beginning you look into other’s work, but after a while, you realize that you are involved in some tasks or even take an initiative!

I had an opportunity to accompany various workmates in their daily activities, so I could see the different point of view for the same duty, and it was really eye-opening for me.

How to make IT become your second language? Professional proficiency with Bee Talents!

I was really frightened of this part of my onboarding- to be honest, I know nothing about IT. Luckily, my fears were not necessary. They didn’t throw me at the deep end at all. My training, the exact same that you can take part in through Rocket Hive workshops, includes one to one meetings (kind of lecture) about different topic and step by step getting to know new points of IT area. These lectures gave me complete information, and now in case of misunderstanding, I always can take a look at handbooks on our cloud or just ask somebody to help.

Now I feel prepared for conducting a job interview, talking with developers and writing a job advertisement.

Last but not least- the power of kudos!

In Bee Talents we don’t wait for the best moment to appreciate your commitment, every moment is the best to say: kudos to you because you did a great job! It really motivates me and makes I know that my team notes my (even the smallest) achievement 🙂 I’m sure that kudos encourage new employee to take an initiative!

According to the title, how people without passion could be so involved in the onboarding process? The answer is only one: Bee Talent’s team feel responsible for new Bee and do their best to take care, prepared and share their routine with a new employee.

Ania Wróblewska

Ania Wróblewska

Ania Wróblewska

Ania Wróblewska

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