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Case Study Codility: Hire 6x faster than with Success Fee model

Codility is a world-wide known software platform that helps technical recruiters run remote interviews and hire strong engineers. Among their partners you can find brands like Slack, Twich, EA, Konami, Zalando, Intel or BMW.

The team of over 170 people works from three locations – London, San Francisco and Warsaw. And it’s the Warsaw team (main headquarters) we supported during over the half-year long cooperation.

The challenge

After 10 years of bootstrapping, Codility decided to acquire investors to develop their product. That’s why 2019 started for Codility with a challenge of scaling their team really fast.

What it meant for their recruitment?

  1. Hiring a few dozens of IT specialists and opening a bunch of new roles (since 09.2018 to 09.2019 Codility had risen their employment by 83%!).
  2. The need of optimizing the recruitment process – make it less time consuming, while creating enough room to get to know the candidates inside out.
  3. Introducing Tech Recruiter role to the company.

The solution

We’ve been working for over 6 months in the RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) model of cooperation. Our dedicated recruiter worked exclusively on behalf of Codility part time from their office in Warsaw and part time remotely, from Poznań.

This solution was a common decision, which paid off in lightning quick kick-off of the project – just within 5 days. Equally important part of this cooperation was the knowledge transfer which included our tech expertise linked with top recruiting sourcing tools we use on a daily basis. 

There is also a financial side behind choosing the RPO model. It’s just way cheaper than a traditional Success Fee model and way more effective.

During first few weeks we focused on:

  • optimizing the recruitment process, with focus on the speed and accuracy of candidate selection,
  • setting up the Lever ATS, so that it’s fully beneficial for optimized processes, 
  • ATS usage training for Hiring Managers and workshops on conducting a behavioral interview.

Properly prepared process closed the first stage of the cooperation. Next stop – running recruitment processes for both technical & other IT related roles, e.g. Agile Coach. We decided to make use of the inbound channels – Codility’s Career website, Bee Talents’ job board, paid ads and job offers, while running the active sourcing with the entire Bee Talents’ team of recruiters using LinkedIn RPS. 

The final stage was all about technical onboarding of new team member, Marta – Talent Acquisition Partner at Codiltiy.


faster pace of hiring than the average with Success Fee model


lower cooperation cost than with Success Fee model

The result

  1. Optimized and all-purpose recruitment process that allows large-scale recruiting.
  2. 18 tech specialists hired, 6x faster than the average pace in the Success Fee model.
  3. Onboarding of Marta – Talent Acquisition Partner.
  4. Reducing outsourcing costs by at least 64% in comparison to the Success Fee model.

RPO made it possible for Codility to scale up quickly but also with quality candidates joining their team. It also created enough slack time to hire and onboard in-house recruiters who took over the ownership of the recruitment process without reducing the pace of the company’s growth. 

Marta Mikołajczyk

Talent Acquisition Partner w Codility

Bee Talents helped us hiring dozens of developers in the particularly demanding scaling time for Codility.  They were flexible, persistent, always very engaged and you could count on them at any time, in every situation. If you’re looking for results, don’t hesitate! Bee Talents is the best choice you can make. Great atmosphere comes free of charge 🙂

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