Ola Frątczak
Ola Frątczak

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What does it mean to work as an IT Recruiter? Reading received CV’s, talking to candidates and choosing the best of the best. Sounds like a piece of cake, right? Well, there is nothing further from the truth.

Are you an IT recruiter? We are here for you!

Modern recruiters have to face plenty of challenges every day. Living in a candidate-driven market, with candidates who don’t look for a job actively, forces recruiters to huge effort, creativity and perseverance. It’s particularly evident in the IT / Tech market, full of desired specialists. So, dear recruiter, what can you do to avoid being left behind?

Why should you invest your time in developing yourself (and why workshops are the best way to do this)?

It’s not a secret, that you won’t be successful without knowledge and experience. There are a lot of various ways to get to know more, improve your effectiveness and become an irreplaceable hiring specialist. You can read lots of books, articles (more from us here) and follow popular blogs and video blogs. Good idea is also to take part in webinars and online trainings. But to be honest-nothing can compete with real workshops, with experts on-board.

I could present you loads of benefits of getting to go to trainings, but I’m sure that you are aware of them, so I’m going to focus only on the most important advantages of workshops:

  • first of all, it’s a great opportunity to learn from other people-not only from trainers, but also from participants. Group workshops can be very useful because of shared experiences and ideas. During group trainings you have a chance to meet interesting people who work in your profession. Talking about made mistakes and success stories can be very eye-opening and inspiring.
  • involvement and motivation-one of the most crucial benefits of the workshops is support and motivation from other participants. You won’t get it during the online courses or watching tutorials.
  • certifications – if you attend workshops, you will almost always receive some form of certificate of attendance or participation. Such documents confirm your competences and can help you with your career development.

Get on the Rocket Hive’s board!

Ok, so let’s assume that I convinced you to attend a workshop. What should you take into consideration before you choose the training? The offer is wider and wider, what makes the choice more difficult. Firstly, you need to specify your purpose. What do you expect? What would you like to learn and what do you need this knowledge for? Which skills do you want to gain or improve?

I guess that as IT recruiter you aim at the effectiveness and efficiency. You probably dream about finding the perfect candidates who can fit within organization’s culture and meet all the requirements. Is it true? If you answered “YES, IT IS!” I’ve got something perfect for you. How about taking part in bespoke workshops for HR specialists? Sounds good? So let me tell you more about our workshops’ brand – Rocket Hive.  

We’ve decided to launch a workshops’ brand in April 2017. Our main goal was (and still is!) to help recruiters become the best hiring specialists in the IT market. We want to improve the effectiveness of recruiters’ work and support polish HR environment. Our trainers do their best to explain crucial issues. During workshops we present real cases and suggest the best solutions and practices. You can expect both fundamental and advanced tips, involving exercises and valuable materials which provide you with huge dose of recruitment  knowledge. We create tailor-made, hands-on trainings which match recruiters’ needs.

Workshops are adjusted to our target group. That’s why we focus on the modern methods and the most effective tools and platforms, which make recruiters’ job faster, easier and what’s the most important-more efficient. On the Rocket Hive’s board you will understand the IT market, world of technologies and become a master of smooth communication with customers and candidates.

Feeling good

Our team consists of young professionals who work with passion and involvement. The trainers always share their knowledge and experience, gained over years, in an accessible way and take care of every single participant. Don’t be afraid of staying behind-our experts explain everything really precisely and answer all questions. The individual approach helps to understand each other and bears fruit.

We also take care of friendly atmosphere. We want you to feel comfortable! Workshops are not only for gaining knowledge but it’s also a great opportunity to meet interesting people. We would be more than happy to see you having a good time and making friends.

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