Who will get hired? Most in-demand IT jobs for 2020

Most in-demand IT jobs in 2020
Dawid Bartkowiak
Dawid Bartkowiak
Outsiders may think that IT is a pretty dynamic sector. But the reality is… probably even more extreme. Technologies and coding languages change, how and where they are applied can vary dramatically from company to company. 

CTOs (and to prove my point, not only them) have to make tough decisions every day, and they have to keep up with the market – you don’t get to “choose” an old school coding language without consequences. And even if an outright change is not necessary – languages mature and evolve!

To add to the change in technology, the way we work progresses at a breakneck pace.

The workforce is more mobile, and IT specialists are very likely to demand/prefer remote work. This brings several challenges, but just in case – we got you covered with our ebook on building remote and distributed teams!

Who will IT companies be after in 2020?

Every year we recruit for dozens of different roles in many industries. Thanks to this, we see specific trends first-hand. We talk to developers and hiring managers daily – and we have to know their current and future needs almost as good as they do.
From this expertise comes a list that you can see below. It is based on our internal data and is not a large scale survey of employers. Job boards do their calculations based on keywords in job advertisements where you can see broader data patterns. Still – we exist as a company exactly because we recruit a lot of hard cases – where competition is strong and candidates harder to find. Let’s go!


Front-End Developers with React.js

By far the most sought-after group in the IT world are JS front-end specialists, especially those who can create a lively, interactive experience for visitors.

Usual must-haves:

  • HTML5 and CSS3 skills are often simply assumed
  • Proficient in JS (+ relevant libraries and frameworks like React.js, Angular or Vue.js)
  • Responsive design skills
  • Version control / Git


Node.js Developers

Thanks to its back-end capabilities, Node.js is a popular run-time environment. Running scripts on the server-side allows for fast, asynchronous and efficient communication between the server and users.

Usual must-haves:

  • Node.js experience
  • Some HTML, CSS and AJAX experience
  • Whole web stack familiarity.


DevOps Engineer

In simplest terms, DevOps Engineer is a catalyst, a link between different worlds. IT departments are very often a silo, a mystery for the rest of the company, and they both need an ambassador. Someone who speaks both languages equally fluently and can explain both contexts.
In this case, a DevOps Engineer links the development team with systems and operations teams. This position ensures a fast, stable and more mistake-free software development process.

Usual must-haves:

  • Linux, Python, and AWS as a foundation
  • Databases, network security, and cloud experience
  • Great communicator


Mid- and Senior Java Developers

We won’t be far from the truth saying that Java is the most popular back-end programming language (although Python breathes down its neck). It rules the roost when it comes to highly secure and reliable systems like those in fin-tech and banking. Also, corporations make great use out of Java. All that combined shows us pretty impressive IT market coverage and gives the answers to why Java is still in high demand.

Usual must-haves:

  • Java as a foundation
  • At least one of frameworks connected with Java, like Spring
  • Sometimes linked with front-end frameworks like Angular, especially in the banking industry (then converted in Fullstack Java Developer)
  • JUnit for testing


Ruby on Rails Developer + some front end experience

We recently had a chance to learn from the fantastic Krzysztof Kempiński, a seasoned RoR veteran and author of one of the more popular Polish podcasts in the IT industry. It was a part of our routine training for recruiters, who need to know and feel the IT world to the fullest.
As he explained, RoR is a mature and deep technology, which is well complemented with front-end skills – and this is exactly what we see in the job market.

Usual must-haves:

  • Ruby knowledge + RoR framework experience
  • SQL database, mostly PostgreSQL
  • rSpec or Mini Test for testing
  • Sometimes connected with JS + its frameworks – then known as Fullstack Ruby Developer

The rest

In sheer volume, those IT jobs will be in very high demand in 2020. However, we think that some currently less popular jobs will be in high demand in the coming years, too. Those include:

  • Cloud Engineer
  • AI/ML Developer
  • Python/Go Developer
  • Solutions Architect

If you want up to date offers from our clients, head to our job board, where dozens of tech jobs await for qualified candidates.

Dawid Bartkowiak

Dawid Bartkowiak

Dawid Bartkowiak

Dawid Bartkowiak

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