The working mom's survival guide
Bee Way
Karolina Sokołowska

Post maternity leave survival guide

All around Social Media – no matter if it is a mom support group on Facebook, or high brow LinkedIn post, many women (including those employed in HR) seek out advice how to come back to work post pregnancy and maternity leave. Because yes, your life changes whether you want it or not. I am here to be with you and tell you, you can do it.

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Working with recruitment agency - all sides considered
Kasia Michalak

Working with a recruitment agency – all sides considered

No company can grow without new hires, and recruitment agencies promise to make this process pain-free. In most cases – they truly do! However, in order to be upfront with our potential clients, we would love to show you all the benefits, drawbacks, and question marks one should take into account before signing on the line which is dotted.

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Better effectiveness - 10 tips that work for me
Bee Way
Marta Kamińska

Better effectiveness – 10 tips that work for me

Right after I joined Bee Talents some of my teammates noticed that one of my strengths is effectiveness. Thinking about what makes me productive, tasks planning, to-do lists and inbox automatization first come to my mind. It might be also my attitude – I really enjoy making “ticks” on my to-do lists to make sure I did everything. Here I’m sharing with you some of the examples that drive my effectiveness.

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How to raise your productivity in 7 small steps
Bee Way
Aleksandra Pszczoła

7 small steps that helped me improve my daily work

Recently, Piotr Nabielec invited me to a meeting within his series of meetings with the CEO / CTO of IT companies. We talked about our tips&tricks used at work. I referred to this as ’How to move from work hard to work smart’. Today I would like to extend this subject a bit further by sharing some practices that help me to better manage my tasks at work.

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