Better effectiveness - 10 tips that work for me
Bee Way
Marta Kamińska

Better effectiveness – 10 tips that work for me

Right after I joined Bee Talents some of my teammates noticed that one of my strengths is effectiveness. Thinking about what makes me productive, tasks planning, to-do lists and inbox automatization first come to my mind. It might be also my attitude – I really enjoy making “ticks” on my to-do lists to make sure I did everything. Here I’m sharing with you some of the examples that drive my effectiveness.

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How to raise your productivity in 7 small steps
Bee Way
Aleksandra Pszczoła

7 small steps that helped me improve my daily work

Recently, Piotr Nabielec invited me to a meeting within his series of meetings with the CEO / CTO of IT companies. We talked about our tips&tricks used at work. I referred to this as ’How to move from work hard to work smart’. Today I would like to extend this subject a bit further by sharing some practices that help me to better manage my tasks at work.

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