Change management
Case Study
Agnieszka Amborska

5 lessons in Lean Change Management from HR consultants

Lean Change management can be harder than it seems. Road from a good idea to a well implemented idea is twisted and has many obstacles one may not expect. Make sure to get your strategy in order before overhauling your organization!

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Sanler's Poison - win your client
Kasia Michalak

Sandler’s Poison

– Dear Sir, we’re interested in cooperation with companies in central Europe and develop the business as a supplier or buyer. You can visit our

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129 PLN NET | 24.04.2019 | Bee Talents

18:00 - 20:00

Workshops will be held in Polish 🇵🇱

✓  How to precisely set goals
✓  How to use SMART model while setting goals with other techniques
✓  How to evaluate setting goals and their realization
✓  How to avoid mistakes while working with SMART