Barbara Malewska

Employer Value Proposition – should you bother?

In the competitive job market, employers must do more than ever to convince potential candidates that they are the organization worth investing in. It is no longer enough to pay on time and provide free coffee. A good company needs to present itself as a complete, interesting entity that offers a wide array of benefits.

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Change management
Case Study
Agnieszka Amborska

5 lessons in Lean Change Management from HR consultants

Lean Change management can be harder than it seems. Road from a good idea to a well implemented idea is twisted and has many obstacles one may not expect. Make sure to get your strategy in order before overhauling your organization!

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129 PLN NET | 24.04.2019 | Bee Talents

18:00 - 20:00

Workshops will be held in Polish 🇵🇱

✓  How to precisely set goals
✓  How to use SMART model while setting goals with other techniques
✓  How to evaluate setting goals and their realization
✓  How to avoid mistakes while working with SMART