Advanced Technical Trainng


Level up your technical expertise

Advanced Tech Training is designed for IT Recruiters who already understand a lot of tech
business but want to become a real experts in their field.

We are skipping all the basics about software and going straight forward into real depths
of technology like programming paradigms, architecture and advanced methodologies.
With this knowledge you’ll be fully equipped to assess the seniority level of candidates,
understand what project is about and who will fit the best, both in terms of soft and technical
skills. Workshops are full of interactive tests and practical exercises to ensure that all
participants are able to implement skills in their daily work.

This training will teach you

  1. Different, more advanced development methodologies and differences between them
  2. The division of programming languages and their best usage cases
  3. What is a programming paradigm and technologies assigned to each one
  4. In-depth characteristics of IT Architecture and its patterns and frameworks
  5. What questions to ask your manager to perfectly understand the role
  6. Why it’s important to be up to date with programming languages’ and
    frameworks’ versions
  7. Which task will go down well when it comes to programming skills tests
  8. Tools to level up your sourcing game
  9. How to be up to date with all technical stuff a recruiter needs

Training agenda

1. Effective tech interview

  • Must have questions to client and manager – how to really understand their recruitment needs
  • The structure of tech interview
  • Most common interview traps – how devs check on recruiters
  • Questions to recognize the skills level of a developer and expected answers
  • Types of technical tasks for developers (pair-programming, live coding, remote task, homework etc.)
  • Validation of repositories and usage of websites for programmers (GitHub, BitBucket, StackOverflow)

2. Meet the developer

  • Different roles in software development process – what exactly your candidate is responsible for
  • Team functions (Front-End, Back-End, Full-Stack)
  • Developers’ everyday work (designing features, data science, maintenance)
    and what appeals to them

3. Development unveiled

  • Basic differences between programming languages – when to use PHP, when Python etc.
  • Software development methodologies
  • Low-level & high-level programming languages, programming paradigms

4. Ins and outs of the IT market

  • SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, DaaS i other models
  • Introduction to IT Architecture
  • Introduction to Tech Market in Europe and Worldwide
  • Where to look for world latest IT trends

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