Sourcing Trainng


Reach every candidate

Two weeks have passed and and your candidate pipeline is empty? Hundreds of contacted candidates and still no placements? You are running of ideas? Every recruiter and researcher has found themselves in such a spot at least a couple times in their careers. The job market is getting more competitive by year – number of openings grows, number of specialists – not so much.

The main goal of our Sourcing Workshop is to share best practices in finding candidates – where and how to do it in an efficient manner (both in terms of time and money), maintaining excellent Candidate Experience.

This training will teach you

  1. How to design a complete sourcing strategy, and make it responsive to market changes.
  2. Which keywords to use to quickly attract the best candidates.
  3. Where to find candidates, when traditional sources fail.
  4. Your project “hit a wall”? We will show you how to break through.
  5. How to do repeat recruitment on the same market, when our database seems exhausted.
  6. How to find almost anything, including candidate CVs, using Boolean search.
  7. How to explore dark corners of the internet, where excellent candidates are still lurking
    and recruiters are afraid to go.
  8. Using Social Media in recruitment.
  9. How many touch points you need to motivate a passive candidate to participate
    in recruitment.
  10. Interpreting Response Rate, and how many candidates you need for a single placement.
  11. Alternative recruitment techniques and tools (e.g. Snapchat) and how an independent
    recruiter can do it.
  12. Art of effective feedback – make the candidates want to come back.

Training agenda

1. Introduction to sourcing and a handful of data

  • What does LinkedIn response rate mean, and what should be your target
  • Touch points, and how many do you need to motivate candidates to participate in recruitment
  • What and how influences candidate experience
  • IT industry preferred channels of communication

2. Gathering requirements

  • The right questions to ask the client/hiring manager to facilitate sourcing
  • Must-have requirements and the rest – how to prioritize skills easier and harder to learn
  • Real seniority indicators
  • Common IT job naming

3. Sourcing tools

  • Boolean search – using logic (and Excel!) to find the perfect candidates
  • X-ray search, Google Boolean search – combing through largest database in the world
  • Recruiting plugins (Intelligence Search, octoHR and others)
  • Recruiting tools (Amazing Hiring, Stack Overflow and others)
  • Alternative sourcing techniques (Github, Slack and others)

4. Designing effective messages

  • Identifying selling points
  • Defining key message components and creating templates
  • One-minute personalization
  • Adjusting messages to the channel

5. Feedback

  • The real goals of feedback
  • Art of effective feedback – make the candidates want to come back

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