Technical Trainng


Become a Tech Recruiter

We designed our Tech Training for Recruiters who strive to understand all the shades of IT. Its difficulty level will do both for those who already delt with development area and those who are about to launch their careers in Tech. With that in mind, we created the agenda that will teach you the flow of technical recruitment, explain the development process, help you understand different roles in teams and finally – shed the light on the world’s IT market.

This training will lead you the way to be up to date with one of the fastest growing markets!

This training will teach you

  1. How to perform a tech interview with your candidate and earnestly evaluate his knowledge and skills.
  2. Practical view on what’s a development process and specifics on the candidate’s role in it.
  3. Questions to ask your recruitment client that will help you better understand roles he needs in his team.
  4. The difference between programming languages and why your company code in Ruby and not in C++.
  5. Multiple ways to perform technical tests on your developer and which do best.
  6. The easiest ways to find developers, to which locations they like to relocate and what’s the salary range.
  7. What to read & watch to be up to date.

Training agenda

1. Effective tech interview

  • Must have questions to client and manager – how to really understand their recruitment needs
  • The structure of tech interview
  • Most common interview traps – how devs check on recruiters
  • Questions to recognize the skills level of a developer and expected answers
  • Types of technical tasks for developers (pair-programming, live coding, remote task, homework etc.)
  • Validation of repositories and usage of websites for programmers (GitHub, BitBucket, StackOverflow)

2. Meet the developer

  • Different roles in software development process – what exactly your candidate is responsible for
  • Team functions (Front-End, Back-End, Full-Stack)
  • Developers’ everyday work (designing features, data science, maintenance)
    and what appeals to them

3. Development unveiled

  • Basic differences between programming languages – when to use PHP, when Python etc.
  • Software development methodologies
  • Low-level & high-level programming languages, programming paradigms

4. Ins and outs of the IT market

  • SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, DaaS i other models
  • Introduction to IT Architecture
  • Introduction to Tech Market in Europe and Worldwide
  • Where to look for world latest IT trends

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