Information clause

Consent to participate in recruitment process:

Who is the administrator of your personal data:
The Administrator of your personal data is  Bee Talents P.S.A. ul. Mostowa 38/12 61-854, REGON: 367091900, NIP: 0000950994

registered under number KRS: 0000674119 by the REGIONAL


Who is the personal data Inspector:

In order to supervise data protection, the Administrator designated a Data
Protection Inspector, who can be contacted at


Why do we process this data:

Your personal data will be processed for current recruitment purposes for the position that you apply for, that is conducted for your potential
employer – Administrator’s client. What is more, your personal data, will be also processed in order to fill
requirements stated by tax and accounting law. The Administrator might also process your personal data,
included in your application in order to establish, investigate or defend against claims, if they refer to the
mentioned recruitment process. The legal basis to proceed your personal data is your acceptance to participate in the recruitment process.


Transferring data to state authorities:

In order to establish, investigate or defend against claims, we will process your
personal information based on our legitimate interest in determining, investigating or defending against
claims in proceedings before courts or public authorities. Personal data processed for purposes arising
from legal provisions are processed on the basis of the need to fulfil legal obligations incumbent on the
Administrator. Personal data may be provided to persons authorized by the administrator to use data in the
processing of their official duties, as well as entities authorized under the law and cooperating entities
based on Administrator’s instructions, including IT and law service providers.


Where the data is being stored:

Your personal data will be transferred to the Administrator information systems providers located outside of the European Economic Area,  to the United States.
We do that because most of the ATS software is being provided by the US companies and also, there is a significant chance that you participate in recruitment process for the US company.


Data retention:

Your personal data will be processed for up to 60 months period. In
addition, we may process your personal data longer for the purpose of determining, investigating or
defending against claims related to the recruitment process for a period justified by law. The data, based on
the fact that they are necessary to fulfil the legal obligations incumbent on the Administrator, will be kept
until this processing basis no longer exists.


Withdrawing consent:

In the case of processing data on the basis of your consent, you
have the right to withdraw your consent at any time without affecting the actions taken before the
withdrawal. You have the right to access your data, rectification, deletion, processing restrictions, the right
to transfer data, the right to raise objections. You have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory
body, ie the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection, if it considers that the data processing
violates the provisions on the protection of personal data.

Is consent necessary:

Providing personal data is voluntary but
necessary to take part in the current recruitment process. Failure to provide personal data will prevent
participation in current recruitment process,

Automated decision making and profiling:

Your personal data will be used for automated decision making
and profiling. We need to do that to be able to smoothly communicate with you via our ATS system.