Customer care experience – its influence on my Tech Recruiter job

Customer care experience - its influence on my Tech Recruiter job
Aleksandra Borowska
Aleksandra Borowska
Before I joined Bee Talents I had worked as a Customer Care Expert for a well-known, European online clothing store. Believe me or not, working in this business for more than 1,5 years has taught me some really valuable lessons. Moreover, I was surprised that I can still use them on a daily basis being a tech recruiter.

Personalization is a key to effective communication

First things first. I need to admit that personalization counts, both in customer care and (tech) recruitment. What do I mean by saying “personalization”? Imagine receiving two job offers. First one describes company and requirements. The other one is connected with your experience, coursed that you finished, your personal interests and you can feel that it was written especially for you. Which one would you find more personalized?

Surely, the second one, don’t you? Moreover, personalization can be shown not only in direct messages to candidates. You can introduce it also during phone screenings or every day communication. Just talk about the opportunities that joining that project brings. Show them chances for a possible development and understand as well as adjust their needs to a role they’re applying for.

Interest begets interest

Secondly, I would call it: show your candidates you are genuinely interested in them and you care. I strongly believe that people want to be heard and seen. They do enjoy if you’re curious about their interests, passions, project they’re focused on etc. Practically it can mean that you support a candidate all the way long. My rule is to always get in touch with my candidates before and after every step during recruitment process.

I want to know their thoughts, feeling and of course because I’m super curious – about their opinions. Hiring a new employee is a business goal I want to achieve but I can’t imagine doing it without being a person. Person who wants see and get to know the candidates the way they are. That’s a true customer care to me.

Last but not least

The last thing I’d like to call “actions over promises”. I need to tell you that I’m still on my way to master this skill. Actually, you can connect that with proactivity but I also think it’s not a whole explanation. Well, I’m sure that you faced at least one situation in your life when a customer care agent told you: I’m sorry, there’s nothing more we can do about that. Do you remember it?

It’s a situation when you feel that you hit the wall and nothing can be changed, no one will help you. No doubts, no one likes being treated like that and such situations always remind me to find solutions and take actions. On top of that, the focus should be on actual actions not only empty promises.

Indeed, customer service has more than three main objectives. In this short article I wanted to highlight the crucial things that I found important for my recruiter role. And if you enjoyed reading this one, take a look at my other article for more Customer Care inspirations. One last thing – let me know your thoughts 🙂

Aleksandra Borowska

Aleksandra Borowska

Aleksandra Borowska

Aleksandra Borowska

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