Company Core Values - what you are missing while forgetting about them
Aleksandra Pszczoła
Aleksandra Pszczoła

Company Core Values – what you are missing while forgetting about them

A few months ago, one of the teammates came to me and said that he’s not going to be involved in some company activities because he didn’t feel his contribution is necessary. Moreover, he referred to one of our values - authenticity - and thus, ended the discussion.

I first thought he is right – but then I asked myself: “what’s wrong with our values, if they help our team make excuses? Should it work like that?”. This situation was a trigger that led us to the conclusion, that after 2,5 year since setting up Bee Talents, it’s about time to review our values.

Shortly after, we organized one-day, internal workshops based on Verne Harnish’s methodology, called Scaling Up. During the meeting, additionally, we devoted some time to answer those 3 questions:

  • how we perceive our company core values
  • how we use them on a daily basis
  • do they help us to grow both personally and as a company

All in all, it turned out that the team had been struggling with perceiving them in the same way. That might have caused unwanted misunderstandings. Hence, we came to conclusion that our values need to be rearranged so no one has a single doubt how to understand them. Why? Because I strongly believe that being aware of your company culture helps you avoid basic mistakes and scale your organization with better quality. Here are some more examples of how proper company core values can influence your work:

You make wrong decision

Firstly, treat your values like a guidepost. If you don’t know what to respond to your client – check what the values suggest. You don’t know how to approach a problem with your teammate? Check what your values say. If you have no clue how to become a better leader? Review your values and check if you act accordingly.

Values have a huge impact on how you perceive your business partners and how you are perceived. Transparent communication, loyalty, good intention are just a few examples on how you can build a better and long-term relationships.

You’re lacking long term vision

When you own a business, you get a lot of different business pieces of advice. People tell you that you can always do more and better. But there are no shortcuts. Fast growth has its price, so before you decided to do so, check how durable your organization’s pillars are.

Think about all of your 4 company’s legs like: people, strategy, execution and cash and based on those elements, create a vision. You don’t have to use all of the opportunities but only those who serves your long term goals. And here comes the values. They protect your vision to be bold but not at all costs.

You don’t know what your standards are

Being unpredictable is cool, but not when you are responsible for a bunch of people and a payroll at the end of the month. People rely on those who are consistent and stable. Employees want to feel secure, know the boundaries and develop in a convenient environment. When you change your mind too often, you lose as a leader. Values help you keep standards at the certain level. For example if you require honesty from others, you have to be honest yourself. Show your standards and keep a stiff upper lip. It will be appreciated.

Without values you’re standing still

I launched the company having 3 y.o. kid and no financial savings. I thought, “no worry, in case of failure, I can always find a full time job”. Would I make this decision again? It’s hard to say, but at that time I was so enthusiastic about what I was planning to do, that there was no other way around. I didn’t think much about what could go wrong. I was a dreamer who believed that by following a new, even risky path, having a strong core, I will achieve what I’ve planned. So what’s your backbone? Does it help you to dream big and build something meaningful?

Company Core Values at Bee Talents

At Bee Talents we used to have 3 values. Enthusiasm, Effectiveness and Authenticity. After reviewing them, we have 4. We turned in on one of the previous – Authenticity. It did not support our growth as we expected. Nevertheless, it somehow still lives in us. Instead of it, we decided to stick with two new – Partnership and Ownership.

During our monthly BT’s Mission and Vision meetup, the proposition of change was warmly welcomed and the team showed great understanding. Later on, I created the survey to be sure, that we all understand our 4 values in the same way. It occurred that yes, we’re on the same page. Moreover, I asked whether our values have an impact on a relationship with our Clients, and here are the results. 76,5% speaks for itself.

Company Core Values influence chart

I’m happy that values at Bee Talents are not only empty phrases with nothing to back them up. We know them by heart and use on a daily basis in different situations. Hope it will work like that now and ever.

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