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Best recruiting tools

that will help you speed up your recruitment process


Tools can save you time... and money!

Choosing recruiting software is similar to recruiting itself. Searching, evaluating, comparing to our ideal software profile, calculating costs and finally choosing is what we, recruiters do. It is important never to lose focus on the final purpose our search has.

For the past few years, we have come across numerous recruiting tools, tested over 100 out and selected those most valuable which today support processes we run for our clients. The conclusion is simple – we now spend less time on recurrent tasks which led us to productivity raise by over 40% in just one year time. Now we share our personal TOP 13 with you!


With this guide you will learn:

Recruiting tools and why you need them

Our recruiting experts ratings of top recruiting software

Strong and weak sides of relevant tools

How you can use them to improve your recruitment process 

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