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We support companies in team management challenges

Your Team is a key to success. It makes HR a crucial business area. Our goal is to support you in scaling and growing your company through unique values and the needs of your team. We believe that every organization can be a better place, not only to work at but a place where the magic of common success happens.

Company Culture Development

Recipe for a successful and scalable business is based on well planned strategy, its execution, stable incomes and happy people – your clients, team, suppliers. To build a business that gathers all those elements you need to build it on stable foundations – mission, vision, values and well-designed processes that support people in their everyday work and let them grow.

Company culture development means to care about things like setting goals, feedback and good internal communication. We support our clients in all these areas through consulting, workshops and interim management. All we do is always about the team and business effectiveness. 

Employer Branding Foundations

Quality employer branding activities are very much effective marketing and sales alike. You need to know your target group, its needs and unique selling point.

It’s the company’s culture and working environment what we offer when it comes to EB. In every organization, there’s something that’s worth communicating and bolstering up. Descirbing those elements and choosing the right communication channels we can provide a constant talents income and grow the business. We help our clients go through the process so that the employer brand becomes competitive and well-known.


  • Leadership Skills
  • Social Skills
  • Team Building/Integrations

Building and growing competences through open and in-house workshops, as well as individual consulting and coaching. The needs and abilities of the group are crucial when it comes to workshops. We use group coaching methods, facilitation with the base designed of case studies and practice. We take care of evaluation and follow up the progress and way of introducing competencies and skills we shared with your team.


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