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Maciej Mazurek
Maciej Mazurek

5 metrics you must measure as a Recruiter in 2019

Yesterday my colleague said that It’s good to measure things. I don’t agree. Maybe a few years ago it was nice to collect data. Now it is a necessity. LinkedIn in their report about Global Recruitment Trends for 2019 claims that “Data is winning over Talent Professionals”. And with this, I agree.

Measure what matters

I admit, I’m a data-driven and can’t really stand “gut-feeling” or “intuition” based decisions with no data supporting it. I suppose that from time to time my Team hates me for demanding perfect data hygiene or facts to make any decision. On the other hand, it allows us to make accurate, on-time choices and by extension be always one step ahead.

Here I share with you my top 5 metrics every recruiter should measure in 2019:

1. A ratio of time spend on repeatable tasks

I’m quite sure that you hired your Recruiters for sourcing and selecting the best people, not scheduling, nor moving brackets in ATS system, neither filling administration forms. It has to be done, but there is a load of software to automate these tasks. Measuring this factor is a key to higher efficiency and making a decision if you should invest in another recruiter or rather improve processes. Especially important for 5+ teams.

Expected score: Ultimately eliminated

2. Conversion rate

In terms of recruitment, this metric should answer the question “How many people did I have to contact, to make a hire”. Important especially for sources because it measures how well they understand the role and how accurate they are. You do not want them to do “Spray and pray strategy” as it always results in a waste of time. If this metric is too low in your opinion, check if recruiters and sourcers clearly understand the role.

Expected score: 5-10%

3. Customer Effort Score

Our feedback surveys and retrospective calls proved that one of the main reasons to start cooperating with the recruitment agency is to ease the process and reduce the tasks for Hiring Managers. It is very similar in case of the candidate experience perspective, a process should be smooth and clear.
Lower CES metrics means more satisfied Hiring Managers and more satisfied Candidates. Which leads to effective cooperation with both sides and higher success rate.

Expected score: The lower the better

4. % of candidates that dropped out of the process

A candidate didn’t send you the homework back? Or maybe quit the process and joined other company after being “barely” 2 months in yours?
Some say that it is a sign of motivation – that a candidate wasn’t motivated enough to join the company and would be a bad hire anyway. There is no research and no evidence proving that. If it has anything to do with a motivation, it only means that it was lost because of a poorly designed process.
You don’t want to lose candidates that way. Count how many you selected to reject and how many dropped out of their own will. If the number is too high take a look at the length of the process and people involved.

Expected score: About 5%

5. Cost per hire

Finally, the evergreen of recruitment metrics – cost per hire.
Obvious but in my opinion, it is the most important when it comes to managing the recruitment efforts. If tracked in a detailed way it gives tons of information about the efficiency of a recruitment process. Sometimes processes which seem to be going well are very inefficient. A classic example is when sourcing is going very well and there are a lot of candidates in the process. It looks like everything is on track but due to a loose selection, you’re burning money and time at multiple interviews.
If you have to choose one metric to track, choose this one and think how you could improve to decrease the cost. It will give you a lot of ideas about improving efficiency.

Expected score: The lower the better

Curious to know your thoughts on that! 

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